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牛津高阶英汉双解词典(第 8 版)

train•ing /ˈtreɪnɪŋ /
noun [U]
1. ~ (in sth/in doing sth) the process of learning the skills that you need to do a job 训练;培训
» staff training 职工培训
» Few candidates had received any training in management. 没有几个应聘者接受过管理培训。
» a training course 培训课程
2. the process of preparing to take part in a sports competition by doing physical exercises (为参加体育比赛而进行的)训练,锻炼
» to be in training for a race 在进行赛前训练

» to be in training for a race
第  6  版简体:在进行训练{推测第 6 和简体一致}
第 7/8 版繁体:在進行賽跑訓練
第 7/8 版简体:在进行赛前训练

我觉得第 7/8 版将中的“赛跑”改为“赛前”是有道理的,race 这个词,含义比“赛跑”更广泛,因为缺乏足够的上下文,故尽量译得更宽一些。


牛津高阶英汉双解词典(第 8 版)

a competition between people, animals, vehicles, etc. to see which one is the faster or fastest 赛跑;速度竞赛
» a race between the two best runners of the club 俱乐部中两名最佳选手的赛跑
» Who won the race ? 谁赢了赛跑?
» He’s already in training for the big race against Bailey. 为了跟贝利一决雌雄,他已经着手训练了。
» Their horse came third in the race last year. 他们的马在去年的比赛中获得了第三名。
» a boat/horse/road, etc. race 划船比赛、赛马、公路赛等
» a five-kilometre race 五公里赛跑
» Shall we have a race to the end of the beach? 咱们比赛跑到海滩那一头,好吗?

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